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picture of FAI Microlight Bronze Colibri lapel badge

Bronze Colibri microlight award
YOUR British NPPL (microlights) automatically qualifies you for a Bronze Colibri.

Although you are not required to make an engine-off landing as part of the British NPPL syllabus, at Microlight Scotland every student will have done at least one to give them the feeling of truly gliding a microlight.

The official Bronze Colibri award requirements are:
a. 20 hours solo in microlight aircraft including at least 50 logged flights.
b. 3 precision landings within 10 metres (33 ft) of the centre of a given spot.
c. 1 precision landing within 20 metres (66 ft) of the centre of a given spot from a height of 1000 ft (300 metres) AGL with the throttle fully closed. Demonstration of correct go-around (overshoot) procedure.
d. Two 75 kilometer (46.6 mile) cross-country flights over a triangular course, one with an outlanding at a designated point along the route.

The Colibrii Awards are made in order of bronze, silver and gold. We can help you with application forms for your bronze award so you can start the Colibri Challenge.

Once you have a Bronze Colibri, the next step is to work towards your Silver Colibri

At Microlight Scotland, we can help you complete your Colibri Challenge. Contact us now!