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picture of glider pilots 
at Strathaven, a popular 
microlight destination

Local airstrips
AROUND Cumbernauld there are a number of local grass airstrips. Usually, grass strips are short and tricky to get into. At Microlight Scotland, we were in the unusual position of having a shorter runway at our former base at Cumbernauld than those on most of the nearby grass airifields!

Favourite local airfields include:

Thornhill: Home to the Scotland's only hang-glider air tow group. There's also a new microlight hangar just been erected there, so there's always something happening at the weekend. Full details of the runways and approaches are on their web site

Strathaven Airfield: Once home to the Strathclyde Gliding Club and now owned by The Scottish Flying Club. The airfield has a very traditional flying club atmosphere and is the base for Microlight Scotland's flying training operations. It is about 45 minutes from Glasgow, and an hour from Edinburgh. See an airfield plate and photo here.

Carluke: A private strip run by Alec Gault. Sam Dornan's Foxbat is based there.

Stair: now inside the Prestwick control zone.