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picture of FAI Microlight Colibri lapel badge

Silver Colibri microlight award
THIS extract from the US Ultralight Association's site shows how the standards get tougher as you progress to the Silver Colibri.

"Passing directly over the touchdown point at 1,000ft, you know that the deafening silence of the engine you just shut down means you WILL land.
"Having successfully completed three precision landings within 10 metres of the centre of the designated spot to earn your bronze badge, you feel confident. Now, for your silver badge, you will complete a 360 degree turn and touch down within half the distance - 5 metres. And having done it once, you'll have to repeat it to show it was no lucky fluke - just pure skill."

Microlight Scotland has specially-designed claim forms and a network of Official Observers to sign off your Colibri exercises, whether spot landings or x-country navigation flights.

Take advantage of our experience and combine a touring holiday of Scotland with a Colibri Microlight Challenge.

The offical requirments are:
a. 100 hours solo on microlight aircraft including at least 200 logged flights.
b. 2 flights to approximately 1,000 feet AGL, stop engine(s), complete a 360 degree turn, and land within 5 metres (16.5ft) of the centre of a given spot.
c. Four 150 kilometer (93.2 mile) flights with any landing or turn points pre-declared.