Extended Microlight Experience - £219

The Extended Microlight Experience, at £219, is suitable for someone who has never flown before, but is mainly aimed at someone who might have been up for a 10 minute flight on holiday or on a corporate day and wants to find out more about microlighting.
Or perhaps after flying a glider or a light aircraft, have decided they want to learn to fly and want to try microlights.
Or it could be just pure indulgence, as it was for one lady who had dreamt of flying over Tinto Hill!
Usually we will fly across country to another airfield, perhaps visiting Cumbernauld Airport or the private landing strips at Carluke or Crawfordjohn. Then, if you want, you can sit on the front for the flight home to Strathaven Airfield and get a really good feel for what it is like flying from the "captain's" seat.


View of Goatfell, Arran, from a microlight aircraft
This flying experience includes:
  • Fly to another airfield, land and then navigate back to Strathaven 

  • One-to-one lesson with a UK Civil Aviation Authority licensed instructor - with you at the controls!

  • Introduction to the aircraft and how it works, plus full safety briefing

  • Actual flight time is about 80 minutes from engine start to engine stop

  • If you get hooked on flying, the time counts towards your NPPL Private Pilots Licence.

  • Free postage and packing, buy direct for the best price and a 28-day money-back guarantee
Our aim is to give you an experience to treasure!