NPPL Microlight Course Syllabus

A new CAA-approved syllabus for the NPPL (Microlights) was introduced in January 2019.

A booklet with full details of all the exercises and the standards to be acheived can be bought from the BMAA by clicking here.


Cover of NPPL (Microlight syllabus booklet

For your information, the exercises are listed below:


Phase One: Familiarisation Exercises and Foundation

Ex 1 Air Experience - The First Lesson

Ex 2 Aircraft Familiarisation

Ex 3 Preparations for Flight and Actions After

Ex 4 Effects of controls

Ex 5 Taxying


Phase Two: The Basic Flight Manoeuvres

Ex 6 Straight & Level Flight

Ex 7 Basic Climbing & Descending

Ex 8 Perfomance Climbing & Descending

Ex 9a Turning Flight

Ex 9b Climbing and descending turns


Phase 3: Slow Speed Handling

Ex 10a Critically Slow Airspeed

Ex 10b Stalling & Spin Avoidance


Phase 4: Take-off, Landing & Circuit Flying

Ex 12 Circuit Training

Ex 13 Advanced Take-Off and Landing Techniques


Phase 5: Advanced Handling

Ex 14 Advanced turning

Ex 15 Unusual attitudes 


Phase 6: Operational Hazards, Emergency Procedures and Unexpected/Unplanned Occurences

Ex 16a Forced landings

Ex 16b Precautionary landings

Ex 16c Operations at Minimum Level

Ex 16d Action in the event of fire

Ex 16e Systems failures


Phase 7: Solo Flight Training

Ex 17a First solo

Ex 17b Solo Circuit, Local Area Consolidation & General Handling Consolodation


Phase 8: VFR Navigation:

Ex 18a Pre-Flight Planning

Ex 18b En-Route Navigation, Departure & Arrival Procedures

Ex 18C Navigation at Minimum Level and/or in Deteriorating Conditions

Ex 18d Unsure of Position & Lost Procedures


Phase 9: Preparation for the General Skills Test and Ground Oral Exam

Ex 19a Dual Revision for GST

Ex 19b Revision for the Aeroplane Technical Part 2 (Ground Oral) Exam

Ex19c Document Review


Ground Training Subjects

Human Factors


Air Law

Aviation Meteorology